Since 2009, Herman Knives has offered the top pocket knives and handcrafted bespoke knives available. The best full custom knives that we have the honor to offer are available for you to choose from on our website. Select from top tactical style handcrafted knives that are suitable for daily use as well as beautiful knife creations for collectors.

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Along with a large selection of high-end Custom Herman Knives, Herman Knives also sells high-end custom knives and other accessories. Herman Knives, an accredited distributor of various custom knives such as Hinderer, Spyderco, Benchmand, offers every coveted knife from the best knife makers.

Strider Smf Knives

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Mick Strider SMF Knife Orange Peel Titanium (3.9″) MSC

Original price was: $1,395.00.Current price is: $1,275.00.

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Regardless of gender, regardless of age, be it for bragging rights, everyday use or hunting, Herman Knives has just the perfected bladed companion for you. With our extensive inventory of more than 1000 knives, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.


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With Herman Knives, I’ve always had positive experiences. They have a wide assortment of knives available at various pricing points. And they have always answered my emails promptly. Grace has recently been so kind and helpful. Her kind of work makes me a loyal customer. Right now, I’m awaiting a new order i just placed. Thanks, Nick

Nicolas East Excellent Service

When I’ve encountered a problem (just twice thus far), it was resolved that day. Anyone new to knives will find the website simple to use. Every knife that catches your attention has detailed information regarding its specifications available. I visit the website daily to wait and am always looking for something new.

Tyler Sears Ease of Access

Rose went above and beyond for me in terms of customer service! This was the first time I had ever gotten in touch with Herman Knives customer care. But Rose has more than assured that you will always get my business when I need to buy knives, even if it is only this one time. I couldn’t recommend her and Herman Knives enough after such an incredible experience.

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